Jam Vibez is an unique sound on the music scene of Poland. Formed by Awiom selecta, Kleeb selecta and DJ Daddy Bozo, collective of four* fans of 'good' music, promoting whats best in the sounds of digital reggae - raggamuffin - dub.

Active on the scene from 2005. Played almost 300 events all around the world speaks for itself. No matter of the situation successfully spreading joy and positive vibes coming from the jamaican (and more) recordings. They became famous on the polish scene with an unrivaled selection of ultra rare digital records from the 80s. As a result, 'Jamaican Stylee Mixtape vol.1' appeared in 2008, and vol.2 as a continuation in 2013.

Those music maniacs constantly stick to the rule 'raggamuffin is a must' and in spite of adversity, they manage to surprise on many fronts (big up all junglists). Recently publishers - have already released a popular EP, of polish artist DeeR, with the hits like 'Raggamuffin' and 'Na banię kiść', much appreciated 'Rubaduba Style' from Daddy Bozo and fantastic riddim driven 'Waterhouse', produced by Klon Gibbson Spliffton. Big day came in the late 2013, when 12" vinyl 'Old Veteran EP' arrived in record stored all around the world with riddims from Dreadsquad and Krakowski, which had been ridden by the UK veteran Daddy Ranks and Daddy Bozo from Jam Vibez. Rumors are already circulating about the next plans, so stay tuned!

*From time to time also DeeR